Thursday, 17 August 2017

Episode 2: And About Bloody Time

Greetings, sports lovers, and welcome to Episode 2 of Chris and Gary Talk Sport.

We're back once again (in spite of a truly global sense of apathy towards Episode 1) to give you our take on three specially-chosen topics we think you'll like.

First of all, the 2017 World Athletics Championships - a festival of the best track and field action which, sadly, had a bittersweet ring to it this time around. Did the mixed fortunes of Bolt and Farah cast a shadow over the event, or did Hero The Hedgehog provide sufficient positivity to render such feelings worthless?

We then follow with a discussion on women's sport and the wonderful achievements of The Matildas, The Lionesses, England and India's cricket teams and much more. Has the time finally come for the fairer sex to rightfully gain their share of the spotlight, and if so, how can they maintain that privilege in future?

Finally, Chris grits his teeth and gives his account of Manchester United's ruthless treatment of West Ham United in the opening week of the Premier League season. Is he already regretting his prediction of Chelsea as this season's champions, and if so, will it curtail what could turn out to be a very expensive gambling habit?

All of this, plus netball, rugby league and our first listener feedback on the second edition of Chris and Gary Talk Sport.

You can listen in to Episode 2 here, on SoundCloud and on iTunes.

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