Thursday, 3 August 2017

Episode 1: Wonderfully Gloriously Niche

And so we plunge into the gently bubbling world of international sport with our first podcast which has a triple bill of rugby union, soccer and... indoor rowing.

To begin, there's a preview of the 2017 Super Rugby final between the Crusaders of New Zealand and South Africa's Lions, an assessment of Australia's current rugby malaise and two of South Africa's clubs switching hemispheres next season.

After that, The World Games. Don't worry, Chris is on hand to explain exactly what that is including references to frisbee throwing, orienteering and Fred Trueman. It really does all make sense - trust us...

Finally, there's a look ahead to the new Premier League season and a shake of the head at the huge transfer fees flooding the world game. It was all so very different back in the days of the Dutch Tulip Bubble, and if you're still feeling confused, you're just going to have to download episode 1 of Chris and Gary Talk Tulips.

Sorry, 'Sport.' Chris and Gary Talk Sport.

You can listen in to Episode 1 here, on SoundCloud and on iTunes.

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