Friday, 19 January 2018

Episode 11: Fundamentally Out of Whack

Apologies, fans of football, rugby or tennis. Episode 11 of Chris & Gary Talk Sport brings you a main course of cricket, preceded by a starter of cricket, with a delicious dessert of cricket to finish. Oh, and coffee and cricket to round things off.

Yes, with so much cricket going on at the moment, it's time to assess whether the one-day game and Twenty20 are elbowing the old five-day form out of the limelight. Has the rise in 'bish-bash-bosh' domestic leagues signalled the death knell for cricket the way it used to be, and is there anything that can tempt the future stars of the game to don their whites and literally 'play the long game'?

Once again, we give our views and invite you to give yours too. Drop us a line, leave us a comment and most importantly, listen in to our latest audio offering.

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