Thursday, 9 November 2017

Episode 7: A Beach Ball With a Tennis Racquet

Every now and then, we like to steer the good ship Chris & Gary Talk Sport into unchartered waters by looking at a sport that we're not very familiar with, and the latest episode of our podcast does just that. This time around it's baseball, and who better to plot a course through the 2017 World Series than John McGee of Bat Flips and Nerds.

Our opening section sees John enlightening us about the recent match-up between the Houston Astros and the LA Dodgers. If you've ever been curious about the excitement of this most popular of American sports and the hoopla surrounding the game, then this is your ideal chance to find out more.

Then we turn our attention towards Lewis Hamilton - the 2017 Formula 1 World Champion and now, so it seems, legend of the sport. We look back on the key moments of this year's competition and try to work out whether we really can call Hamilton yet, or whether our curmudgeonly old age prevents us from doing so.

Then finally we look at the glut of rugby union fixtures currently taking place, including the All Blacks' northern tour and England facing Argentina. There's also an update on all the events taking place in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup, so truth be told, you can't really complain that we haven't crammed as much into our latest podcast as we could. And if you are complaining, well sorry - we're just not that interested.

You can listen to Episode 7 here, or you can download our podcast via iTunes or AudioBoom.

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